Meet your Blanco Eyeworks Staff

Welcome to Blanco Eyeworks, since 1989 Dr. Kip Orbeck and his staff has been serving the greater San Antonio area with quality eye care and a hint of style. Our staff is dedicated to providing its clients with unique customized eye care to address the individual needs. Whether you are far sighted, near sighted or can’t see at all, Blanco Eyeworks can clear up any vision problem.
Dr. Kip Orbeck O.D.
Originally from Washington state Dr. Kip got his undergrad from Pacific University in 1987 having graduated with a B.S. in Visual Science. He then did his teaching fellowship at Pacific University. In 1991 hen moved to San Antonio where he began his practice.
teem3Alex Briseno
Said to the best in the city. Alex brings over 20 years of Optical Aesthetics to Blanco Eyeworks. He is famous for matching the perfect pair of glasses or optical lenses with the contour any patients face and eye shape. A true artist at his craft, Alex is an essential part of the Blanco Eyeworks team! When its time for your custom fit, Alex is the man to see!
teem5Michele Dominquez
Michele’s job is to manage the office along the insurance claims aspect of our practice. She is experienced and deals well with communicating the needs of our patients with the appropriate insurance to get their claims settled and out the door so our patients can get the care they need.
teem2Kathy Gonzales
Her pretty smile and a genuine care for our patients. Kathy is responsible for scheduling and managing our cases and is our liaison for the clients needs with Dr. Kip and Alex Briseno. She also handles the billing and product logistics for every client that walks through our doors.